“#TeamFuture is one of the most exciting and inspirational new movements in Britain today. If this country has a future, it lies with young working-class people organising and making their voice heard.”  Owen Jones

Breaking news…we are delighted to announce that our #TeamFuture movement has been shortlisted for a Liberty Human Rights Award. On the 26th of October, RECLAIM’s young people will attend the event in London with the hope of winning the ‘Christine Jackson Young Person’ Award. Read more here.


Who are #TeamFuture?

No matter where you are from, we need a new kind of leadership; bold in its vision, ethical in its actions, and hopeful in uniting for a better future. We are building a movement for everyone, young or old, from the North or South, middle or working class – a united youth-led demand for a new kind of political leadership.

There is a growing divide between those in power and those on the periphery. Working class young leaders feel they are not reflected in Westminster; their leadership styles, values and behaviours are overlooked. We must ensure that different kinds of leaders are able to emerge, succeed and remain true to themselves; developing leadership which represents the diversity of the UK, not the familiarity of Westminster.

Our young people from working class backgrounds want to demonstrate how a variety of lived experience can effectively build a society that works for all. We need to see the UK through fresh, optimistic eyes; #TeamFuture will lead this.

“We need leaders that truly serve the people, not themselves.”

RECLAIM supports new working class leaders across different races, ages and backgrounds, to end leadership inequality. We source and support young people who are leading outside of London with the UK’s future in their vision. #TeamFuture are ready to stand up and lead from some of the most sidelined communities in the UK. We ask wider society to support their youth led movement, and do what is possible to promote truly citizen-led, grassroots action with working class young people at its core.

#TeamFuture represent all of our working class young leaders, and their movement is coming soon.

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