Who are #TeamFuture?

#TeamFuture is a movement calling for bold, ethical and hopeful political leadership. We began as a group of working class young people from Greater Manchester, but now we are on a journey to bring together all voices; young or old, Northern or Southern, middle or working class, 52 or 48%.

We will demonstrate that great leadership comes from both country estates and council estates; and that day to day leadership in communities and in parliament can build a better UK. #TeamFuture will widen the spectrum of those who both guide and enter the UK’s political leadership. We want leaders who will stand shoulder to shoulder with the people, through thick and thin.

We want to demonstrate how a variety of lived experience can effectively build a society that works for all. We need to see the UK through fresh, optimistic eyes; #TeamFuture will lead this.


“#TeamFuture is one of the most exciting and inspirational new movements in Britain today. If this country has a future, it lies with young working-class people organising and making their voice heard.” Owen Jones

~ To support our cause, text FUTR50 £5 to 70070 ~

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