This country was built by the people who worked in its factories, shipyards and mines; who fought its wars; built its roads and houses; and paid its taxes.  The working class has a proud history of strength, resilience and hard work.

But now, more than ever, working class communities are stigmatised and isolated: stereotyped as chavs, ‘workshy’, and ‘feral’.  Many working class young people feel disconnected from their heritage, no pride in their surroundings and excluded from the nation’s future.

RECLAIM works with working class young people who show brilliance; passion; leadership; and critical engagement with the world around them. They have the determination and the skills to shape a fairer society.  They are proud of their communities, and engage as activists and leaders demanding for their voices to be heard.

It’s now time to shift negative perceptions of the working class.

How can you help?

Young people from working class communities engage with RECLAIM from age 12.  We run demanding programmes which enable participants to gain the skills and networks necessary to become ethical leaders.  Each young person receives over 100 hours of support; raising their confidence; challenging their thinking and supporting their dreams.

  • We are dependent on the support of people who share our passion for ending leadership inequality. As a small grass-roots charity, your regular direct debit, or a one-off donation, will contribute directly to the delivery of our leadership programmes.
  • Sponsor a leader. It costs us £2500 per young person on our core programme. Could your organisation fund raise to sponsor a young ethical leader? 
  • Engage with our alumni. RECLAIM young people ‘graduate’ our programmes with huge potential, but struggle to access key opportunities. We act as a bridge to allow these brilliant working class minds to enter environments which are too often seen as ‘off limits’. Could you provide skills masterclasses; workshops; or high level opportunities for these young people? Contact us here.
  • Become part of our network. Sign up to our supporters mailing list (below) to hear about the achievements of the young people we support, and become part of the movement to end leadership inequality.