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What is RECLAIM?


Here you can find information about the projects past and present and also hear directly from many of the young people who have inspired us throughout the past few years. Reclaim is a charity that is difficult to sum up in a soundbite or worthy phrase. To some it is family or school support, for others it is a network of caring adults supporting young people at a time of pivotal self development, for others it has been an essential life support mechanism.

"Reclaim is a new honest way of communication between the young people and adults in communities. The project is about helping young people build self confidence and reliance on their own inherent talents that even they may not have realised. It's an education in what people are capable of and it is a support system for young people who can often feel 'lost' as they negotiate the pressured path to adulthood."

Ruth Ibegbuna, Project Director


Each Reclaim project is underpinned by a Manifesto -
written by the young people on the final day of their four day conference. The manifesto is a vitally important document that is written in the words of the participants.


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RECLAIM has won lots of admirers since its beginning in October 2007. Whilst the outcomes we are looking for all revolve around positive life choices and opportunities for young people; it's always nice when your work is externally recognised as being of good quality.


RECLAIM has won many awards, both locally and nationally and is now recognised as one of the core projects delivering quality youth opportunities across Greater Manchester.

Awards since 2008

Plain English Award December 2009

Moss Side, Gorton and Women's South Manchester RECLAIM Manifesto's won the national Plain English Award for a public document for their impressive levels of clarity. These leaflets, written by young people for their communities, use short, snappy lists, clear design, active verbs and everyday language to highlight issues of importance to young people. By using words appropriate to their audience, they become an effective tool for passing on a very positive message. The award was presented by Lenny Henry to three young people representing each of the chosen projects.

Young Achiever of the Year Award 2009 - Akeim Mundell, Mentee on the first Moss Side boy's project

This annual award is co-sponsored by the Jamaican Society and Manchester City Council to recognise outstanding achievement within the Afro-Caribbean community.

Award for Outstanding Contribution (Manchester Women Awards) - Ruth Ibegbuna June 2009

This award is only given to an individual that has promoted the role of women in public life and has made a significant contribution to local gender equality.

The Philip Lawrence Award 2008

The Philip Lawrence Award winners work to forge shared understanding and respect between generations and ethnic groups, to have their voices heard, to support their peers in achieving their potential, to break down barriers and create safer communities for all. A group of young men from the first RECLAIM project travelled to London to receive their award from the Home Secretary and Sir Trevor McDonald.

National Crimebeat Award September 2008

In September 2008 RECLAIM Graduates visited London to collect The National Crimebeat Award. Each year the prize is awarded to young people across the country who have worked hard to create safer communities. The group were selected because of the commitment, energy and innovation demonstrated by their Manifesto and community engagement within Moss Side.

Peace Activist Award - Ruth Ibegbuna (RECLAIM Founder) March 2008

The award is to be given to the person or group which has gone the extra mile in the fight against the gun gang violence which has blighted the streets of the city and cost so many young lives. This award was announced after a week-long public vote in the Manchester Evening News.