RECLAIM - Moss Side Boys

RECLAIM began in October 2007 in Manchester with 13 year old boys from Moss Side; an area blighted in recent years by gang violence and lurid headlines. The project aimed to redress the negative representation of young men from this nationally infamous area after they complained of being adversely stereotyped in both the local and national media. The project was only possible due to the support of the local community and created a new model for effective youth engagement.

The project was hugely successful and Reclaim gathered momentum, winning several regional and national awards. It soon became apparent that there were other groups of young people in Greater Manchester that would benefit from the project. Subsequent projects have focused on new area such as Gorton, Moston and Bolton. Each project has presented a different set of challenges and entirely different cohorts of young people. Despite cultural and geographical differences, the central tenet of each project remains the same; a child-focused model based on volunteering, mentoring, community support and a young person's ability to surpass all expectations.
The Moss Side project received a great deal of local, national and international attention. The young men became ambassadors for their area and set the Reclaim bar high for the projects that followed. The Moss Side project was a grassroots example of local people supporting their young and the men of the area providing positive role models to the younger boys. Interestingly a lot of the media coverage that followed this project tended to dwell on the negative press associations of Moss Side and tarnish these young men as victims of a broken society. We're proud that the boys continually disproved these lazy assumptions. One of the boys chose the Reclaim motto that symbolised our project: 'Judge the tree by the fruit it bears and not where its roots are sown'.

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