RECLAIM - North Manchester Boys

RECLAIM North Manchester Boys' project started with the conference which ran between the 18th and the 21st of October. The boys are a creative, active and thoughtful group and they all got a lot out of the tailored activities during the conference. The boys wrote their manifesto on the last day of the conference and it is a really insightful document; the boys value education, hands-on learning and opportunities to experience new things. Contrary to the portrayed stereotypes of young men from North Manchester, these young men have proved that they are full of ambition and ideas for the future.

I am really looking forward to the coming 6 months' events and seeing the boys develop their skill base and confidence. This project is going to be very much focussed on offering opportunities for developing skills and gaining new experiences. The boys all have great leadership potential and as a group I am sure we will enjoy growing in skills and confidence together and proving that North Manchester Boys believe in their dreams.

THE Manifesto

MANIFESTOS - Quicklook