RECLAIM - Gorton Girls

Following the success of the Gorton Boys RECLAIM Project we are now currently running the Gorton Girls Reclaim Project. In April 2010, 28 fantastic girls from Gorton joined the project. Full of humour, charisma and energy, these girls will work with Reclaim to develop their own skills and talents as well as work within their community to make Gorton a better place.

Over the next 6 months these girls will take part in monthly events addressing challenges that they face. Each girl will be paired with a female mentor who will be a positive role model for them over the course of the project. Together they will embark on an important journey and build a trusting relationship as mentor and mentee. As we write we are still in the early stages of this project and already the girls have been wonderful - getting involved and throwing themselves into all challenges, including building a large raft and getting stranded in a lake!
Gorton is an area that Reclaim is proud to return to. The young people show enthusiasm for where they are from and want to change the stereotypical 'Shameless' tag and shine the light for what they believe Gorton truly stands for. Watch this space for news of how these young women will develop and make a seriously important difference in their community.

"Reclaim is totally brilliant, I've already done things I thought I would never do. I actually spoke on stage in front of 500 people even though I was scared and last week we built a raft and sailed on the water. That's the thing about RECLAIM, it's always pushing you to do new things and to be your best."

Jade, age 13

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