In response to the 2011 summer riots, with a new focus on breaking down negative perceptions of young people, RECLAIM Our Name challenged the British media establishment to improve their reporting of young people, to highlight the positives and stop focusing on the negatives.

RECLAIM Our Name fundraised for and organised a day out in central Manchester during which 30 youth volunteers spoke directly with 400 local adult residents and visitors to the city. Activities included customising t-shirts with the slogan 'ask me - I dare you!' to encourage the older generation to engage with young people and ensure their voices were heard.

The group have also produced a petition arguing for positive media coverage of young people, about which they visited The Guardian, BBC 1 Xtra, Sky News and Arsenal Football Club in London. They questioned the way these organisations portray young people and made suggestions for how people in power could tackle youth issues. They also met up with a Hackney youth group to learn about the positive work they were doing and shared ideas and experiences.

RECLAIM Our Name won the 2011 Philip Lawrence Award, given to organisations that have foregrounded the abilities, talents and positives of young people. As part of the ceremony, they produced this video for us.

"Before the riots we had built a strong relationship with adults in the local community. However, the riots destroyed this relationship. We then had to go back out there and RECLAIM OUR NAME."

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